UNZIPPED - Amplify Black voices

MBC Universe @ 2020-06-05 13:56:56 -0400

More than ever we need to protect our black community, abolish the systematic oppressions and the racism that continues to cost our black brothers and sisters their lives.

It's crucial to continue playing our roles whether it is: to educate, provide resources, allocating space and love for those in need or to continue standing at the intersections of change.

It's imperative to continue pushing forward, to cultivate equality, justice and to stand in solidarity with our black community. It's imperative to continue amplifying their voices, not just for a moment but for a lifetime.

As firm believers that art and design can bring positive and influential impact, MBC is providing to our community of creators, innovators, fighters and healers who may not have the resources to design something of their own yet have access to programs such as Photoshop.

In this Photoshop template, you'll find a series of: shapes, backgrounds, gradients, textures, icons, titles, brush strokes, paper rips and layouts to help convey your message.

Every piece of asset provided is interchangeable and easy to edit as desired. This is absolutely free and was created with the goal for anyone to continue creating, spreading awareness, sharing knowledge and pushing forward a movement that has the power to create a future where we're united. 








*Please be aware that this is a starter pack so there may be a series of elements that we accidentally left out. Feel free to reach out and let MBC know if there's anything else that might be helpful to add to this pack. Thank you!



This is amazing . Thank you!

Victoria Lashae @ 2020-12-15 12:05:43 -0500