4 creative things to get you going this week and beyond

MBC Universe @ 2020-05-15 07:46:31 -0400

We know it's been such a journey these past two months and feeling any more creative or in the mood to keep up can be such the chore at times .

So we've rounded up four things to get those wheels turning and lead you to a week filled with fun, adventure and new insight.

1. Free MoMA classes

Because who doesn't love free things? And while we're staying at home, expanding and diving into territories unknown, MoMA is offering free online Art courses.

With a wide range of courses from Interactive Activities to learning what is Contemporary Art, you can follow a syllabus to help you stay on track, spark a new idea and ultimately expand what you may or may not know about the world of Art.

Sign up for courses here

2. You Are an Artist: Assignments to spark creation

A recent MBC favorite, this book aims to inspire, provide exploratory experiences into various mediums and push us outside our mundanities of creativity. 
By providing you a series of prompts from artist such as: Sonya Clark, Michelle Grabner, The Guerrilla Girls, Fritz Haeg, Pablo Helguera, Nina Katchadourian, Toyin Ojih Odutola, J. Morgan Puett and many others.

This book will get you thinking, moving, exploring and reshaping how you approach your craft and perhaps make you fall in love with a new one.

Available on Amazon

3. Color Therapy with Made by COVL

Shameless plug ahead.

For those looking to sit back and relax, we've created a series of coloring pages that you can either print or color digitally. By allowing your mind to tap into your inner child, coloring has proven that it can help with stress and anxiety and it's safe to say, these times are best for it.

We call it cheap therapy but hey, it works!

Start coloring here

4. Rearrange your work space

While this may not sound entirely too fun, it aims to prepare you for what's ahead. As many are learning how to balance the working from home life, we've learned one of the greatest hacks is dedicating a workspace in our home can help shift the mind and strike a balance between work and living.

By adding your personality, favorite trinkets, prints and all the equipment you need to get up and start this space acts as your sanctuary and a place for creativity and productivity.

Bonus: This activity can cost you nothing and ultimately have the biggest payout for your projects ahead.