MBC Universe @ 2020-12-15 12:06:47 -0500


if you've gotten this far I want to thank you because having you in this space is a privilege and a chance to get acquainted✨

Secondly, Hi! I'm D'ana or COVL, whichever you prefer. 
I am a self-taught, Puerto Rican Multidisciplinary Artist based in Brooklyn but I'll forever ride for Miami. I grew up fast and had to learn what protecting my peace was at such an early age. It wasn't until I've spent the past 10 years exploring the inner child in me again.
I say that, because creativity and my craft will forever serve as an opportunity for me to reconnect and truly live a life that exudes free spiritedness, humility and an utmost immense love for what I do. In return hoping that this platform will serve as your table, your abilities and your unique sense of individuality.
So I am honored to kick-off this series called 1 of 1, not only since it's a shameless plug but it's the purpose of this series.
To welcome back creativity, without the intricacies that we have self-perpetuated over time. Creativity is practice, the act itself provides a foundation that once wasn't there.
And that's what connects us all and hope to continue to connect us all with 1 of 1.



I'm currently on a break from client work, so this gave me all the time and brain power to create something that lives with a different purpose. These series of items truly depict how my approach was so free and light-hearted. I didn't want to end up with items that spoke too much to a certain market or looked as if it was assumed of me... if that makes sense.
So I hope whoever owns these items, understands quirky and appreciates details and most of all... color!


detail photo of hand painted bottles